Armed Robbery

Montgomery County Armed Robbery Defense

If you are under investigation or have been arrested for armed robbery, it is critical that you do not speak with police or any other officials before speaking with a knowledgeable Montgomery County armed robbery attorney who can advise you about what is in your best interests. Instead, you should immediately request to speak with a lawyer and then refrain from speaking with anyone until this wish is honored. The state will use anything you say against you at a subsequent trial.

At the Law Offices of James N. Papirmeister, P.C., our founding attorney, James N. Papirmeister, has 34 years of experience handling these serious cases, as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. He can take quick action to protect your interests and help counsel you regarding your options and the overall process. For proactive and aggressive representation, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

In order to be convicted of robbery in Maryland, the prosecution must prove that the defendant took and carried away property of an alleged victim with the intent to steal while using force or the threat of force.

How Is Armed Robbery Defined Under Maryland Law?

Furthermore, under the current Maryland criminal code, armed robbery is included as a more serious crime. Armed robbery occurs when the accused uses a dangerous weapon like a firearm, knife or other deadly weapon or displays a “written instrument,” like a note with a claim that the presenter has a dangerous weapon. The possible penalty for armed robbery is a maximum 20-year imprisonment, five years more than that for a robbery that did not involve a weapon.

Attorney Papirmeister will conduct his own independent investigation to uncover any evidence that proves one or more of these elements weren’t present, which therefore may lead to a negotiation position in which he can request a plea bargain for a lesser crime, conviction of a lesser crime or a dismissal of the case altogether. From questioning witnesses and examining how evidence was collected to analyzing how fairly you were treated by the police and finally determining whether you have any defenses available, he will exhaust every possible remedy.

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