Representing You At Every Stage Of The Justice System

Representing You At Every Stage Of The Justice System

What you say to law enforcement during a criminal investigation or when summoned to testify in a grand jury may determine the outcome of your case. There are certain constitutional rights that a person has during the criminal investigation phase. Among these is the right to refuse to say anything at all. This is often the best course of action. Having an attorney to advise and counsel you during this initial phase of the criminal process is crucial in order to protect your rights.

With 34 years of criminal law experience, attorney James N. Papirmeister has conducted numerous criminal investigations and trials when he was a prosecutor, and he has counseled clients throughout his career as a criminal defense lawyer at this initial stage of the process. Particularly in grand jury proceedings, obtaining immunity can be a crucial step in protecting your rights. Please call 301-589-2100 for immediate help or complete our simple contact form to schedule a consultation.

Bond Hearings, Detention Hearings And Emergency Hearings

Oftentimes, people are arrested and jailed without having any idea that they have an outstanding warrant or have committed any crime. An arrest is almost always a traumatic or unsettling and disruptive experience. Urgent and emergency legal representation is needed immediately. Bond hearings, detention hearings and other emergency proceedings often occur within hours of a person’s arrest or without much advance notice.

Mr. Papirmeister and his staff at Law Offices of James N. Papirmeister, P.C., pride themselves on their ability to be promptly available on short notice for these emergency situations. Attorney Papirmeister is highly skilled at quickly gathering the information and documentation necessary to argue for your release from jail or a reduced bond when you must appear before a commissioner, magistrate or judge.

Pretrial Hearings

A person charged with a crime is entitled to legal counsel at every critical stage of the legal process. This includes when one is under investigation for a crime or is arrested, as well as for bond hearings, detention hearings, initial appearances and arraignments. A person charged with a crime is also entitled to legal representation for all pretrial proceedings, such as preliminary hearings, status hearings, suppression hearings and other pretrial motions hearings.

Often, technicalities and complete defenses can be discovered by a skilled attorney very early on in the legal process, which could result in a reduction of the charges to a misdemeanor or even a complete dismissal of the case.

In his more than 34 years as a lawyer, Mr. Papirmeister has seen and handled thousands of such proceedings, from his first legal job as a judicial law clerk to his years as a prosecutor to a criminal defense attorney.


Mr. Papirmeister is probably best known as a criminal trial attorney. In his nine years of practice as a prosecutor, where he attained the status of a senior trial attorney in the elite homicide unit of the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office, and during the subsequent years as a criminal defense attorney, he has personally handled thousands of court trials and over 135 full-length jury trials.

A jury trial is a very intensive proceeding, often requiring months of preparation. Cases that proceed to a jury trial require thorough investigation, witness interviews, records subpoenas, witnesses summons and legal research.

Once a trial starts, the attorney may need to devote days, weeks or, in some cases, even months to the case. Attorney Papirmeister has undergone this intense experience over 135 times thus far in his career. Only the most experienced trial lawyers have that depth of experience with jury trials.

Juvenile Offenses And Juveniles Charged As Adults

Mr. Papirmeister has handled numerous juvenile delinquency proceedings, as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. These proceedings include criminal investigations, bond and detention hearings, emergency hearings, pretrial and motion hearings, trials (called adjudicatory or merits hearings in juvenile court), sentencing hearings (called disposition hearings in juvenile court) and post-trial proceedings, such as modification hearings and violation of probation hearings.

Juvenile delinquency proceedings can affect a young person’s ability to live at home – versus living at a juvenile detention facility – as well as the juvenile’s legal status and criminal record. For instance, in certain cases, courts can take a case in the juvenile justice system and transfer that case to adult court. This could result in a minor serving lengthy time in an adult prison and having a permanent criminal record.

Equally compelling are those cases in which the law allows minors to be initially charged as adults. A critical motion in such cases, which can have a profound impact on a young person’s life, is a motion to transfer such case back to juvenile court. Attorney Papirmeister’s more than 34 years in the law includes successfully handling countless juvenile proceedings and transfers of cases to and from adult court and juvenile court.

Administrative Proceedings

Often, persons charged with criminal matters need representation before administrative tribunals and courts. For instance, in almost every drunk driving case, DWI or DUI, a licensee will be required to appear at a Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) administrative proceeding to face possible suspension and/or revocation of his or her license.

Child abuse cases usually involve the charged person being found responsible for the indicated abuse, which is a finding by the Department of Human Services or Child Protective Services that can be challenged in the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Attorney Papirmeister has handled countless such proceedings for his adult and juvenile clients.

Sentencing Modifications, Probation Violations, Appeals And Post-Convictions

Even if you are convicted of a crime, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can help you. James N. Papirmeister is experienced at successfully advocating for reduced penalties at hearings on sentencing modifications or motions for reconsideration of sentence.

Probation matters such as probation violation cases are also a part of the criminal defense practice of attorney Papirmeister. He defends both adult and juvenile clients against the probation violation allegations and works to minimize the effects of any such violation.

Even if your case has already resulted in a conviction, sentence, denial of reconsideration of sentence and the appeal has been denied (the conviction was affirmed), you still have a number of avenues by which to get back into court and possibly get your case overturned or reversed. Mr. Papirmeister has handled, as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, post-conviction proceedings as well as habeas corpus proceedings and proceedings on petitions for writ of error coram nobis, all of which are different legal procedures that one can use to achieve these results.

For a matter relating to any of these types of post-trial proceedings or for any criminal defense question, contact the Maryland criminal defense law firm of the Law Offices of James N. Papirmeister, P.C., in Suitland and Silver Spring, Maryland. Call 301-589-2100 today or email the firm.

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