Forced Confessions

Forced Confessions Defense

Many people, especially prospective jurors, would be quite surprised to know that intelligent, sophisticated and generally well-informed people sometimes will confess to a crime that they did not commit. These confessions can be made under circumstances in which the person is distraught, overwhelmed by the trauma of a serious crime or death or overwhelmed by police intimidation or fear.

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Forced And False Confessions

Most often, the person making the false confession does not have mental health problems but is so shocked and traumatized by a rapid series of unfolding events that he or she temporarily loses a sense of reality. The person becomes subjected to the pressure of an aggressive law enforcement officer and confesses to a serious crime that he or she did not commit.

There was a series of articles in The Washington Post regarding the horrific number of false confessions obtained by one particular local police department that handled a lot of homicide cases. Attorney Papirmeister was quoted a number of times as an authority about the incidence of false confessions by defendants in homicide cases.

Your Constitutional Rights

The safest practice for anybody who is charged with a crime, under investigation for a crime or under suspicion of having committed a crime is to stay calm and be aware that everyone has a right to remain silent. There is always time to give a statement throughout the justice system. The timing, however, is crucial. Whenever a person is under suspicion or investigation or has actually been charged with a crime, the person should calmly request to remain silent and request an attorney. Under the law, a person who requests an attorney must be accorded immediate respect by any law enforcement officer who is then mandated to stop all further questioning and interrogation until that person has a lawyer.

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