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Larceny & Theft Archives

Police accuse four young people with larcenies, car break-ins

Sometimes people make mistakes. There isn't a single person in Silver Spring that hasn't made a mistake at least once in his or her life, and most people made a few more mistakes than they'd like to admit while they are young. Although most accidents can quickly be forgiven and forgotten, there are some that come with harsh criminal penalties. Unfortunately, not many Maryland judges will let someone off for merely making an error in judgment.

Former salvage dealer accused of auto thefts

For salvage dealers in Washington, D.C., there is a huge risk in accepting cars from unfamiliar sources. If the salvage dealer accepts a car from the wrong person, he or she could find him- or herself in trouble with law enforcement and even charged with grand theft auto. In this story, police have filed charges against a former auto salvage dealer, accusing him of stealing cars and stripping them for salvageable parts.

Police have over 100 arrest warrants for 22 theft suspects

Before anyone should be charged with a crime, Maryland police need to do adequate investigations and obtain enough evidence before they formally arrest or charge a suspect. If they don't, Silver Spring law enforcement may cause considerable damage to a person's reputation and job by making unwarranted accusations. With something as serious as a theft ring, arresting someone after an insufficient investigation could expose a suspect to harsh consequences, even if he or she is able to get the charges dropped.

British socialite allegedly caught shoplifting

The Daily Mail has reported on famed British socialite and model Peaches Geldof, daughter of British rocker Bob Geldof, and a recent allegation that she stole approximately $112 worth of cosmetics from a store in London. An undercover store detective for Boots has said he witnessed the younger Geldof shoplifting before he stopped her and brought her to a back office.

Police arrest, charge Silver Spring man in robbery of two stores

Montgomery County police have arrested a 19-year-old man under suspicion of using a handgun to rob two stores in the Silver Spring and neighboring Wheaton, Maryland. What makes this story peculiar is how the police found the suspect. The man's family member was stopped on the street after police noted his clothes were similar to the clothes worn in the second alleged robbery.

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