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Larceny & Theft Archives

Man arrested in series of St. Mary's County burglaries

A 26-year-old man has been arrested in relation to a string of St. Mary's County burglaries after a search warrant was executed at a Charles County residency. The burglary suspect was arrested on April 1 after law enforcement officials used statistical data to connect multiple crimes to one another. A connection to several burglaries was recognized when crime analysts from St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office attended a weekly CompStat meeting. Statistical data was used to compile information related to the methods that were used to rob the homes in question. With the assistance of the Emergency Services Team and Criminal Investigation Division of Charles County, St. Mary's County detectives recovered numerous items that had been stolen from homes in the area.

Man accused of selling stolen car for scrap metal in Maryland

A Washington, D.C. man is scheduled for sentencing after he was found guilty on March 12 for a number of charges that involved an elderly woman and the theft of her 1994 Ford Contour. Authorities initially investigated the man after the woman made a report that someone had shown up at her home identifying himself as a government official with an order to take her vehicle. The theft crime accusations also involved a tow truck driver who claimed he had received instructions from the man to pick up the vehicle. Investigators used this information and the VIN to track down the vehicle. They discovered it had been sold as scrap metal. The paperwork involved in the sale led authorities to the man. He was subsequently arrested and released on bond. 

19-year-old fast-food employee arrested, charged with larceny

Many teens and young adults in Maryland know the frustrations of working a low-wage job. Whether they're saving for college tuition, a car or just the basic costs of living, it can seem to take forever to make enough money to satisfy their needs, especially if they haven't earned a post-high-school degree.

Home Depot cashier charged with felony retail theft

Cashiers who work for retail businesses may not be the highest-paid workers in the company, but they have a great deal of responsibility. They handle large amounts of money every day and are acting as representatives of the store. When customers have a bad experience in a checkout line, they tend to remember that employee in their overall experience at the store. Conversely, when they have a good exchange with the cashier, customers are more likely to come back to the store and may even recommend it to others.

Theft of 21 motor vehicles lands Maryland residents in jail

Four people from Maryland were arrested recently for the theft of multiple motorcycles, tractors and ATVs. According to investigators, the individuals stole 21 vehicles from dealerships in both Virginia and Pennsylvania, and then sold them in Maryland.

Man pleads guilty to stealing $80, sentenced to 78 years

A 21-year-old man's life has been permanently changed after he chose to plead guilty to a charge of burglary. When many people in Montgomery County think of crimes that deserve a sentence of 78 years in prison, they likely think of some of the most horrific and violent of crimes, not stealing $80. Sadly, this man will be spending a great deal of time in prison for only taking that much from an acquaintance.

In a search for robbery suspect, police handcuff 40 adults

There are certain things that police do that may just seem ridiculous to the people of Washington, D.C., and it seems that this is just what happened in a recent attempt to grab a suspect. Police were looking for someone they have accused of robbery when they received a tip that their suspected bank robber was at an intersection. Though police had this information, they didn't know which car the suspect was in or what the suspect looked like.

Robbery suspect claims officers punched, kicked him during arrest

In addition to being presumed innocent until proven guilty, when someone in Montgomery County is arrested, he or she should be able to expect that police will use only the force necessary to handcuff the suspect. This means that if someone in Largo is being arrested for attempted robbery, police can't be extremely physical if the suspect is docile and listens to the arresting officer's commands. If an arresting officer does use unnecessary force, he or she could be the focus of a civil rights lawsuit.

Police accuse suspected robbery victim of working with robber

It seems like something a Maryland resident might see in a movie, but police have arrested and accused a young man of working with a suspected robber to steal from a tobacco shop. What makes this story of armed robbery so interesting, however, is that police also believe the young man was held at gunpoint by an individual who they say walked out of the shop with an undisclosed amount of money. This alleged deception of the store clerk and police calls into question just whether police have the evidence to charge the young man with theft by taking and armed robbery.

Judges increasingly willing to use alternative sentencing programs

For people convicted of non-violent crimes in Maryland it often makes more sense to provide an alternative to prison. Luckily, alternative sentencing strategies are gaining widespread support throughout the nation, resulting in the first drop in the American prison population since the early 1970s. These programs can benefit those accused of relatively minor crimes, such as shoplifting or drug use.

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