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Maryland man charged with drug and firearm violations

Drug charges can absolutely alter the course of a person's life. Not only are there monetary penalties and incarceration to consider -- fines can cost thousands of dollars and prison time can be years, if not decades -- but also a person's professional and personal reputation is at stake. Finding a job after being found guilty of a drug crime can prove immensely difficult. Plus, personal relationships may forever change for the worse. This is why it is of the utmost importance for anyone facing such charges to consider fighting them vigorously.

Helping Maryland residents deal with serious criminal charges

It probably goes without saying that a criminal conviction can land a person in a number of serious social, professional and personal difficulties. Therefore, it is important to take prompt action whenever someone is charged with a crime. However, that may not be an easy task, as Maryland laws tend to be strict and prosecutors are often zealous for a conviction.

Initial hearing in a Maryland criminal case

One of the major factors to be considered when faced with a criminal charge, like robbery, theft, rape or any other charge, is to know what the various defenses that are available to the accused. Depending on the case, criminal defense attorneys may be able to prove that the accused is innocent of all the charges. However, many times the accused's neighbors and co-workers believe that they are guilty even before the verdict is turned in. Therefore, prompt justice becomes a necessity.

Exercising the legal rights of sex crime offenders in Maryland

"Even the guilty have rights" is a quote that is used in the media across Maryland on many occasions. It is important to understand that a person will neither stop being a citizen of the United States, nor will that person lose all fundamental and basic rights that have been granted to that person under the Constitution, simply because that person is accused of or convicted of a crime. As a democratic society, the U.S. believes in justice in which the accused person has the right to a solid defense in court. Convicted criminals have a chance to be rehabilitated so that they can be re-assimilated into society after the person is released from prison.

Protecting the rights of the accused in sex crime cases

Maryland residents who are accused of crimes have their work cut out for them. Prosecutors have the motivation and massive resources at their disposal to win a conviction. Still, it's important to remember that everyone accused of a crime is entitled to a defense. Experienced defense attorneys know how to examine evidence and all other pertinent pieces of information carefully in order to determine the best strategy to use in court.

How do Maryland criminal proceedings work?

A criminal proceeding in Maryland is initiated with the filing of information or a grand jury indictment by the State's Attorney's Office. Subsequently, the defendant is notified about the same and is ordered to appear in the court on a specific date. In some cases, a warrant may also be issued to keep the defendant in custody.

Maryland planning stricter laws for police accountability

It is the duty of all police officers to protect citizens, but there have been occasions where certain officers of the law did not use their authority responsibly. Recently, Maryland citizens protested before a House of Delegates committee on behalf of people who lost their lives while interacting with law enforcement officers in Maryland.

Why criminal defense in Maryland needs to be more unbiased

Many residents of Maryland would agree that the legal system in the country must be completely impartial. Still, there are a number of instances where people have been harassed by prosecutors, which resulted in an unfair trial outcome.

Baltimore Ravens' security head faces sexual assault charges

The Baltimore Ravens' current National Football League season has been something of a roller coaster. Although they are entering the playoffs as a wild card team, their early season was overshadowed by last February's incident involving Ray Rice and the suspension of a defensive lineman. Despite all that, the Ravens enter postseason play as a dark horse to win the Super Bowl. Their security director, however, may soon be struggling to avoid a criminal trial.

Dozens face charges in alleged dog fighting ring in Maryland

Dogs, as saying goes, are a man's best friend. However, some people raise dogs not for companionship, but for sport. Dog fighting is prohibited in most states, including Maryland, and anyone caught or suspected of taking part in such an activity is sure to face serious penalties.

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