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What is a preliminary hearing?

There are many stages in the criminal justice system and many Maryland residents may not be aware that they are entitled to legal representation every step of the way, starting from the first step when they are arrested. Many people are unsettled at this point and may not be thinking clearly, saying whatever comes in their mind and assuming that they do not need a lawyer because they have not done anything wrong. However, this is not often the case -- the sooner someone facing criminal charges considers getting experienced help to protect their rights, the better off they may be in the future.

Plea bargaining may be an option for some in Silver Spring

Plea bargaining, or negotiating a plea deal, takes place when both parties to a criminal case come to an agreement outside of the court. Many criminal cases in Silver Spring are resolved in this manner, as it often spares both parties the uncertainty involved in going to trial. Though many Maryland residents accused of felony charges may want to fight the charges in court, it is possible that the case the prosecution has gathered against them is overwhelming or that the penalties associated with another conviction may be very high. This may convince the accused to consider agreeing to a lighter sentence and lighter fines in exchange for something else.

Get experienced representation at every stage of a criminal trial

Though everyone loves criminal and procedural drama on television, no one actually wants to go through the criminal justice system. Criminal law seems daunting and the various stages of a criminal trial, from the initial interview to the pre-trial hearings to the appeals, all seem very confusing and complex to a lay person already overwhelmed by the criminal charges they are facing. Maryland residents may not be aware that they are entitled to have a legal representative with them at every stage of the justice system.

What is a grand jury in the criminal justice system?

People often find the criminal justice system overwhelming and if someone is accused of committing a crime and going through the system, they might find it even more daunting. In order to enforce one's rights and defend oneself adequately, it is very important to understand criminal law and the justice system and the various ways a case can proceed.

Teacher arrested on sexual offenses for incident with student

Allegations of criminal activity can have long-term consequences that will influence a person's personal life, work life and every portion of his or her life. One of the most difficult charges to deal with is when being confronted with allegations of sexual offenses. These types of charges carry with them a stigma that can follow a person around indefinitely. It is with this in mind that people arrested need to formulate a strong defense as soon as the arrest is made.

What is a plea bargain?

Many Silver Spring residents may believe that the only successful criminal defense is one that ends in a trial. However, they may not be aware that most successful criminal prosecutions end up with plea bargains, not trials. With that in mind, some might find themselves wondering: What is a plea bargain?

Do I have any rights if I am accused of a criminal offense?

Many people enjoy a crime show on television occasionally and can claim they know a lot about their constitutional rights, having heard the Miranda Warnings multiple times. However, the full warning is seldom broadcast and the truth of the matter is that Silver Spring residents may not be fully aware of their constitutional rights if they are arrested. Knowing your rights is very important, because if they are violated it must be brought up as part of the criminal defense and evidence or statements collected in violation of these rights may be disallowed from a trial.

Mounting an aggressive assault to fight criminal charges

Many people who face criminal charges are not aware that charges do not automatically mean a conviction and prison sentences. After someone is charged with a crime, they have an opportunity to defend themselves against those charges and it is possible that the charges are dropped and the person accused of them can put the unfortunate incident behind them. However, since Silver Spring residents do not keep this distinction in mind, they often do not prepare a criminal defense and end up accepting the charges and therefore end up with a mark on their record.

Criminal conviction can harm employment opportunities

There are many ways that getting accused and subsequently convicted of a crime can affect one's life in Silver Spring, and perhaps one of the most basic ways is by impacting their livelihood. When someone who has been accused of a crime or a misdemeanor goes to apply for a job, they often have to submit to a background check, which will show their infraction on it. Even though legally a misdemeanor is considered a less serious crime than other types, when it comes to job prospects they are often treated the same way.

Helping criminal defendants fight charges in Maryland

Maryland residents may think that since someone has been charged with a crime they are indeed guilty of committing it. However, this is not always the case, and it is this very perception that causes a permanent stain on the reputation of someone facing criminal charges. The truth of the matter is that everyone who is charged with a crime is entitled to defend themselves against the charges and clear their name to the best of their ability.

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