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Avoid the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction

At our law firm, we work with our clients to help them avoid a criminal conviction, if possible. Why is it so important to fight against criminal charges? Well, besides the immediate impact an arrest can have on a person's life, a conviction can be much worse, including the possibility of a harsh sentence in some cases. However, besides the impact of an arrest, a conviction and a criminal sentence, Maryland residents who are convicted of a crime can face "collateral consequences" for the rest of their lives as well.

Exploring your criminal defense options

When Maryland residents are sitting in a jail cell in handcuffs, quite a number of thoughts are probably going through their heads. The immediate aftermath of an arrest can make anyone's head swim with thoughts and emotions. But, keeping a level-head could be the key to addressing your criminal case in a way that ends in a result that isn't the worst-case scenario.

How can you craft a strategy to defend against criminal charges?

Maryland residents who are facing criminal charges probably all think one thought at some point early in the case: What do I do now? The charges could be misdemeanors charges all the way up to felonies and murder - all the same, defendants will need to come up with a strategy for their defense in the case. So, how can you craft a sound strategy to defend against criminal charges in Maryland?

The phases of a criminal trial

Many Maryland residents will, at some point in their lives, find themselves in an unenviable position: being charged with a crime. For some people, it could be a so-called "minor" crime, such as a drunk driving charge or drug possession. However, for others, the charges could be quite serious, such as felony charges of assault, drug dealing or even sexual offenses.

How should you approach plea negotiations in your case?

When Maryland residents face allegations of criminal conduct, they are smart to consider all of their options. Various criminal charges will leave defendants with different options. For instance, the right approach to a drug crime might not be the same as the right approach to a violent crime charge. But, in any case, there will likely come a point when it is time to consider the pros and cons of negotiating a plea deal and pleading guilty. So, how should you approach this stage of your criminal case?

Domestic assault in Maryland

Domestic violence is a pretty hot topic in the news these days. It seems as if society is finally beginning to realize just how serious this crime is and, unfortunately, how pervasive it is in America, including in Maryland. This is a good turn of events, but, at the same time, it is important to remember that anyone who is accused of committing domestic assault in Maryland has the constitutional right to defend themselves. Why is this important? Because not every arrest results in a conviction.

Be prepared at every step of your criminal case

Most of our readers likely think that a criminal case begins with an arrest. In most cases, this is accurate. But, in other cases, extensive investigations may be occurring behind the scenes before an arrest is ever made. Searches may be conducted and law enforcement officials may conduct interviews with alleged victims and potential suspects. In every criminal case, there are several steps before a conclusion is reached.

Your right to a "speedy jury trial"

When Maryland residents are arrested, they will immediately face a number of crucial decisions. An initial hearing will happen rather quickly, at which point the court will set a number of other important dates in the case and likely determine whether or not the defendant will secure their own lawyer.

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