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A journey through the criminal justice process

An overview of the criminal justice process and its components can help an accused individual better navigate the process. There are three primary institutions that comprise the criminal justice system including law enforcement, the court system and the corrections system. It is helpful to understand a little about what each does.

What is a "plea bargain"?

Plea bargaining is important to understand because it is a significant part of the criminal justice system. For an accused individual facing criminal charges, and a potential plea bargain, there are likely many important questions that come up that need to be answered.

How social media affects criminal cases

Social media affects every aspect of society. If you use any social media site or app, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, you should be aware of the impact this may have on your criminal proceeding. Anything you post on social media may turn into evidence to convict you of a criminal offense.

The seriousness of sex offenses and sex offender registries

One of the most challenging aspects of sex crimes charges can be the requirement to register as a sex offender. Sex offenses can result in serious penalties, a potential loss of freedom and significant personal and professional consequences. The added requirement to register as a sex offender is something individuals in Maryland accused of sex crimes should know about.

What are robbery charges?

Individuals who have been charged with robbery may wonder what the charges include. Robbery charges are felony charges, which means they carry potentially stiff penalties, beginning with a possible year or more in prison. Robbery generally refers to the taking of property with the use of force or by causing injury.

Maryland man faces 13 criminal charges

In a nearby Maryland community north of the Silver Springs area, a man is facing drug and weapons charges. According to authorities, they were called to the area based on a report of an individual with a firearm. Authorities found three men sitting on a step, and the man who was later arrested allegedly ran from police and tripped and fell.

Why is the jury selection process so important in criminal cases?

Many people get their impressions of what a jury trial is like from what they see on television or in movies. But, as much drama as there may be in these scenes of harsh cross-examination of witnesses and impassioned arguments from prosecutors and defense attorneys alike, there is one step that comes before all of this that can make or break a trial: the jury selection process.

Eyewitness testimony can be the heart of a criminal case

When a Maryland resident is facing criminal allegations, it can be quite disheartening. However, defendants should take some solace in the fact that the threshold that the prosecution must meet to prove the case is as high as it gets in law: "beyond a reasonable doubt."

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