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Posts tagged "weapons charges"

New technique to help police read "filed off" gun serial numbers

In any criminal investigation that involves a gun, the first step that police take is reading the serial number of that gun. However, in a number of cases police find that the gun's serial number has been erased. In such cases, police in Maryland and elsewhere often have to depend on federal forensic laboratories to determine a gun's serial number, if it has been filed off. Unfortunately, even these forensic labs are sometimes not able to find the actual serial number.

Dealing with weapons charges in Maryland

Maryland residents who carry or conceal illegal weapons can face serious felony gun charges. Carrying a gun or explosives in a vehicle is a serious crime. But, carrying a gun or other similar weapon is permitted in certain cases by a member of the military or veteran's service, or for lawful hunting, target practice or training drills, or for jobs involving transportation of guns or weapons.

Clearing a Maryland resident's name and reputation

Criminal accusations alone can a stain any Maryland resident's reputation. When they involve weapons charges such as gun possession, a reputation can be tarnished so badly that someone may have a hard time getting his or her name cleared, even if the charges are dropped or the charges are successfully defended at trial. Fortunately, our Rockville-based law firm can help Maryland residents clear their names by attacking the charges vigorously and head-on.

Gun possession charges should not be taken lightly

The Second Amendment clearly states that Americans have the right to carry guns and arm themselves. Anyone who has violated gun laws in Maryland understands that the state imposes tough penalties on those people who are convicted of gun possession. Weapons charges are not considered minor criminal offenses that carry minor penalties. Conviction of such offenses can leave a permanent mark on one's record and can carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

Hagerstown man arrested after brandishing shotgun in vehicle

A Hagerstown man is facing serious charges after being involved in a road rage incident that took place during the night of April 2. One of the more violent crimes that the man is charged with is first-degree assault. In addition, he is also facing drug-related and reckless endangerment charges in relation to the incident. Police say that a New Market, Va., truck driver reported that an automobile was driving erratically around his truck. The truck driver went on to say that, at one point, the vehicle pulled up beside his truck, and the passenger pointed a shotgun directly at the truck from his window. No shots were reported as being fired, and the car exited the highway soon after the incident. 

Court upholds confession after police fail to give Miranda rights, part II

Earlier in the week, we talked about a suspect who was arrested on a gun charge and an appeals court's decision to allow his confession into evidence. The controversy surrounding the case, however, is that the man's confession to the violent criminal charges came after a first confession in which the suspect was not read his Miranda rights. Until this appeals court decision, confessions following a "deliberate, two-step interrogation" would be thrown out under a United States Supreme Court Case.

Court upholds confession after police fail to give Miranda rights, part I

A federal appeals court has recently handed down a decision that many may feel undermine the basic rights that anyone suspected of a crime has -- the rights to remain silent and to an attorney. Almost everyone in Bethesda has heard the Miranda warnings on television before. In fact, many people can recite them by heart after having heard them so many times. Even though everyone may know them, the stress of being accused of a crime and under arrest may make many people forget that they don't have to talk to police and can wait until they have an attorney present to say anything.

Prosecutors consider felony weapons charges against 10-year-old

For one 10-year-old boy, life may never be the same. The fifth-grade student is allegedly the newest child to be caught with what appeared to be, but wasn't, a gun on school property. A local district attorney's office has said that it has not yet indicted the child, but it is considering filing a felony firearm charge against the 10-year-old. In addition to the severe criminal sanctions the juvenile could be facing, he may also be expelled from his elementary school, creating both a criminal and academic record that may haunt him for years to come.

Police arrest 50 in alleged drug trafficking crackdown

What would you do if you were arrested as part of a 50-person roundup and confronted by local and federal law enforcement? What if you weren't a citizen and there were also officers from the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement department potentially threatening deportation involved in your arrest? In this kind of situation, any Maryland resident would rightfully be frightened and confused on what to do next. If police were to ask any questions, a suspect may forget his or her right to speak with a criminal defense attorney and the right to remain silent, giving up information that police and prosecutors may twist and use in court.

Soulja Boy charged with possession of marijuana

Residents of Silver Spring are familiar with the work of the legendary hip-hop star Soulja Boy, but they may be shocked to hear how a recent trip home ended badly for the rapper. Instead of relaxing or spending time with family and friends, he was arrested for the alleged possession of marijuana. He has told reporters, however, that he is innocent.

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