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Posts tagged "teenagers"

19-year-old fast-food employee arrested, charged with larceny

Many teens and young adults in Maryland know the frustrations of working a low-wage job. Whether they're saving for college tuition, a car or just the basic costs of living, it can seem to take forever to make enough money to satisfy their needs, especially if they haven't earned a post-high-school degree.

Teenage drinking and driving falls in past 21 years

Maryland has been quite vocal about its campaign against drunk driving. The number of police officers on the road, sobriety check points and other displays of state force are hard to miss. Anyone in Charles County who has a drink or two before driving should watch out because Maryland officers seem ready to pull someone over for even the smallest of infractions. This seemingly overzealous response continues despite a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that says the number of teenagers who drink and drive has plummeted over the past 21 years.

Parents fight against jailing teenagers for sex offenses

Many people in Maryland wouldn't believe that it is parents who are fighting against jailing people convicted of sex offenses on minors, but there is a growing movement of parents across the country that are doing just that. While laws criminalizing sex with anyone under the age of consent is meant to protect children, many parents are arguing that these laws are leaving many teenage men behind bars and forced onto the sex offender registry.

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