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Posts tagged "search and seizure"

Pot smell, traffic lead police to raid house of Lil' Mo's ex

It's a scene not unlike those encountered in nearby Maryland. A particular house in Pasadena constantly smells like marijuana and plays host to a regular stream of cars slowing down, doing some business and then speeding away. Finally, neighbor complaints lead to a tactical narcotics enforcement team raiding the house and allegedly discovering the cause of both of these issues: 158 pot plants and other marijuana in bulk. A representative for the Anne Arundel County police department said that a search warrant was executed and that police seized plants and loose marijuana worth about $127,000.

Man accused of growing pot under daycare

A Maryland man was recently taken into custody by police for allegedly running a marijuana grow operation underneath a daycare in Savage. According to Howard County Police, this home doubled as a daycare center licensed to the accused man's fiancee. Police claim that the house contained a sophisticated grow room specifically built for marijuana.

Eight arrested following drug raid of Cambridge apartment

The Dorchester County Narcotics Task Force reportedly took eight people into custody in Cambridge on June 7 while executing a search and seizure warrant at an apartment. The search allegedly uncovered a loaded handgun, drug paraphernalia and sellable quantities of crack cocaine, cocaine and marijuana.

Chesterfield resident facing heroin distribution charges

A 26-year-old resident of Chesterfield is facing charges of possession of heroin with the intent to distribute. The Kent County Narcotics Task Force conducted a search and seizure of the Maryland resident's home in coordination with the local police department and reportedly discovered five bags of what they believe to be heroin as well as drug paraphernalia. The man is being held at the Kent County Detention Center with bail set at $1 million.

Maryland man receives 22-year sentence on drug charges

A 37-year-old man the FBI once deemed one of the most dangerous people in Washington D.C. has been sentenced to 22 years in a federal penitentiary. U.S. Attorneys expressed their satisfaction that the defendant will no longer be free to traffic in narcotics in Maryland and the District.

Man faces drug charges three times in three months

A man from Crofton is currently in jail and being held without bond after he was arrested on drug charges; this was his third drug-related arrest in three months. The current drug charges stem from items found while officers were executing a search and seizure warrant. The warrant was obtained after repeated complaints of possible drug deals occurring at the man's home. During the search, officers allegedly found 35.6 grams of marijuana with a street value of more than $700. Officers also found 1.4 grams of heroin, worth $170 and $520 in cash. The man was arrested and charged with possession of heroin, possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Traffic violation leads to record drug bust in Maryland

There are many different circumstances that can lead to an arrest on drug charges, but one of the most common is a traffic stop. People who are transporting illegal drugs, whether in small quantities for personal use or large amounts for distribution, are usually aware that violating traffic laws increases the chances that they will be caught. Running a red light or speeding past a state trooper is a good way to get pulled over, and if the officer who stops you finds probable cause to search your vehicle, you could find yourself in serious legal trouble.

Supreme Court to decide on constitutionality of drug-sniffing dogs, DNA samples

Follow up to last Friday's post: The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to review the Maryland DNA sample case (King v. Maryland). We can expect a decision in June of 2013.

College student arrested for not having headlights on

When someone is pulled over and arrested, most people in Montgomery County would assume that it was because of some kind of serious offense. In some cases, however, it is merely a matter that police have stretched the limits of the stop to find potentially incriminating evidence of a more serious crime. There are protections, however, from unreasonable searches and seizures that prevent police from stopping and searching whichever cars they want.

In a search for robbery suspect, police handcuff 40 adults

There are certain things that police do that may just seem ridiculous to the people of Washington, D.C., and it seems that this is just what happened in a recent attempt to grab a suspect. Police were looking for someone they have accused of robbery when they received a tip that their suspected bank robber was at an intersection. Though police had this information, they didn't know which car the suspect was in or what the suspect looked like.

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