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Work-first programs showing success for released offenders

There is one thing that officials with the department of corrections in every state are worried about: recidivism. When someone is arrested in St. Charles on a drug charge, convicted and sent to prison, there is a possibility that he or she will be back in prison within nine months. The more opportunity that individual has to work and thrive in a work environment, the less likely he or is to get in trouble again.

Maryland officials use sex offender registry to mark individuals

If you are arrested and charged with a sex crime in Maryland, you may be concerned about how much time you will have to spend in prison if convicted or how much damage a criminal record will have when you apply for jobs, but prison and a criminal record are only two of the many consequences of a sex crimes conviction. If you are unable to clear your name after being accused of a sex crime, it is likely you will be forced to register on the Maryland sex offender registry, sometimes for the rest of your life.

Sex offender registry does not prevent recidivism

If you have been convicted of and served your sentence for a sex crime, you will most likely still be subjected to 10 or more years of being a registered sex offender. Everyone in your neighborhood may know exactly what you were accused of doing. It may be next to impossible to hold down a job, make friends or date, or even rebuild some sort of life while you remain on the sex offender registry. A new study has recently been published that indicates that the offender registry program could actually lead to more sex crime recidivism.

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