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Mandatory sentences in Maryland

Violent crimes committed in Maryland are subject to very strict laws. In certain exceptional cases, the accused person, if convicted, may even be subject to a mandatory prison sentence. Examples of such violent crimes often involve cases relating to rape, murder, arson, child abuse, armed robbery and aggravated assault.

Mandatory sentences for certain violent crimes in Maryland

According to Maryland law, certain offenses are considered violent crimes because of the extensive damages caused by those offenses. A few examples of violent crimes are aggravated assault, murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping sex and child abuse and arson in the first degree. Considering the gravity of these crimes, the state imposes mandatory sentences that individuals convicted of violent crimes must serve before parole eligibility.

Maryland residents can lose privileges in a felony conviction

Most Maryland residents accused of a felony crime may be aware of the expensive fines and prison time which may accompany conviction. Although these penalties are without doubt very serious, an accused can also be deprived of certain privileges, regardless of the cause of the felony charge, such as a white collar crime, burglary, rape or any other criminal act.

Baltimore police search for 29-year-old male homicide suspect

Maryland residents are well aware that crime is a problem throughout the state, whether it involves drugs, theft or violent crime such as rape, robbery or murder. Unfortunately, no one knows when they will become a target for criminal activity. If they are, they want to be sure the individual is caught as soon as possible to face trial and punishment.

Evidence in sex crimes not being processed

Recently, a Colorado television news station performed an investigation which revealed that law enforcement agencies in the state have not been processing rape kits in a timely fashion. According to the report, Denver police failed to test 44 percent of the kits collected since 2008. In Fort Collins, 72 percent of kits collected since 2007 had not been tested. Apparently, the law enforcement agents through that the kits were not to be tested if the suspect was known to the victim but the policy has recently been changed.

Football player's rape conviction overturned after victim recants

Imagine being arrested and charged with rape. While that is scary enough as it is, many people in Washington, D.C., would be even more frightened if they knew they were innocent. Knowing that someone was so cruel and slandering as to fabricate a story or sexual assault and to not tell police the truth as it becomes increasingly obvious that the person who allegedly committed the crime would be prosecuted is mind-boggling for many people. Luckily for a former high-school football player and current NFL-hopeful, the woman who claimed he raped her has finally told law enforcement that she made the whole story up.

Thirty-four-year-old rape charges reinstated against man

Being accused of a sex crime can ruin your life. Even if you are able to clear your name and get the charges dropped, your reputation may be ruined. Friends and family members may start to distance themselves from you and some may even sever all connections with you. You may lose your job while you try to prove your innocence and have trouble finding a new one while you are still a suspect. With the horrible stigma attached to sex crimes, weak accusations may cause more problems than if you were charged with any other crime.

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