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Posts tagged "marijuana"

33-year-old man arrested for selling marijuana

A 33-year-old man from Anne Arundel County was taken into custody on March 21 for the third time within 90 days. He faces four counts of drug charges, including a charge for possession of marijuana with intent to sell, after law enforcement personnel searched his home. They allegedly found more than 35 grams of marijuana, valued at more than $700, and 1.4 grams of heroin, worth about $170. According to the authorities, he was held with no bond at a detention facility. Police initiated the search after area complaints of possible drug traffic at the residence. In addition to the drugs, officers also reportedly found more than $500 in cash. 

Woman faces several drug charges after attempting to elude police

A police chase on March 12 ended in the arrest of a 22-year-old woman on drug charges by Maryland police officers. Unfortunately for the woman, the drug charges aren't the only ones that she faces in relation to the incident. The incident began around 8:30 p.m., when police stated that they attempted to pull over the woman's vehicle for having a suspended registration. It was reported by police that the accused refused to stop and instead led the police on a chase through the streets of Laurel. Reports state that the woman eventually brought the vehicular chase to a close when she exited her vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. Police were able to apprehend her shortly thereafter.

Is marijuana headed for legalization? The answer is still hazy

America's war on drugs is full of small battles going on in individual states. Many Maryland residents are aware that voters in Washington state and Colorado elected to legalize marijuana in the last election, though the drug is still illegal under federal law. This discrepancy has created considerable friction between local and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as frustration among dispensary owners and users. Other states have legalized medical marijuana only, making the national conversation about this recreational drug all the more confusing -- but also very interesting.

Maryland marijuana reform? Unlikely.

Maryland voters approved same-sex marriage and the DREAM Act, but don't hold your breath on the legalization of marijuana. Even though Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana through popular vote this year, it is not expected to show up on the Maryland ballot anytime soon.

Nearly 800,000 people arrested each year for marijuana use

People in Prince George's County know that federal and state law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drug use. There are stories in the news every day about people being arrested for having one kind of banned substance or another. Often times, that drug is marijuana. Even with all the arrests, the number of people smoking marijuana is rising, with 12.4 percent of eighth to 10th graders using marijuana.

Marijuana study looks at effects of drugged driving

With medical marijuana legal in Washington, D.C., there have been some questions raised about what to do with individuals who drive after smoking. If the individual has some marijuana in his or her system but it is not impairing his or her ability to drive, should that be a crime? At what point does marijuana even affect the ability to drive? These are questions that, up until now, researchers have not been able to answer, but a new study could provide the answers.

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