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Protecting a driver's privileges and reputation

When a Maryland resident is accused of drunk driving, the first thing that most people think of is that they may lose their driving privileges. This means that their license can either be suspended or revoked. However, beyond their driving privileges, Maryland residents can also face the possibility of spending time in jail and paying expensive fines when convicted of a DUI. In this situation, our Silver Spring-based law firm can help residents assert their rights.

Court clears rural Maryland police chief of DUI charge

Any drunk driving charge can be tough to fight in court. If drivers believe they did not violate the law, however, then they should assert their rights to contest the charges in court as soon as possible.

Is there a difference between DUI and DWI in Maryland?

Once you have reached the legal age, you are now allowed to engage in a number of adult activities in Maryland including drinking alcohol. However, you should be mindful that once you have consumed excess alcohol, you must not drive your vehicle since you can be charged with a criminal offense if you get pulled over by a police officer. Drunk driving can lead to serious repercussions including accidents that often cause serious injuries and fatalities. Drunk driving is not tolerated in Maryland; the state imposes tough penalties upon conviction.

Police charge 2 drivers with DUI in fatal car accident

According to the Baltimore County police, a Hyundai Sonata was traveling north on York Road when he crossed the center line into oncoming traffic on Nov. 7. He struck a vehicle carrying an elderly couple before crossing back into the path of a Dodge Dart in the northbound lanes.

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