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Posts tagged "evidence"

Evidence in sex crimes not being processed

Recently, a Colorado television news station performed an investigation which revealed that law enforcement agencies in the state have not been processing rape kits in a timely fashion. According to the report, Denver police failed to test 44 percent of the kits collected since 2008. In Fort Collins, 72 percent of kits collected since 2007 had not been tested. Apparently, the law enforcement agents through that the kits were not to be tested if the suspect was known to the victim but the policy has recently been changed.

Teenagers face first-degree murder charges following assault

Being charged with murder in Greenbelt is extremely serious. Just facing a criminal charge, especially one that is as serious as murder, can put a lot of strain on an individual. He or she may lose a job, housing and family and friends because people are frightened. Even if an individual is cleared of all charges, that mark may still be on him or her, making it very difficult to rebuild a life that was shattered by murder charges.

Does forensics actually do more harm than good?

What would you do if police brought you in for questioning and said that they had forensic evidence that placed you at the scene of a crime? While many people in Montgomery County may think that forensic evidence is a way to accurately determine who is guilty and who is not, a report by The Washington Post calls into question just how true that is.

What happens when blood alcohol tests are found to be inaccurate?

If you have been pulled over for drinking and driving in Silver Spring, you may have been forced to take a blood test to determine if you were legally intoxicated. While police and prosecutors use the results to determine if your blood alcohol content is over the legal limit, blood tests are not always accurate.

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