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19-year-old fast-food employee arrested, charged with larceny

Many teens and young adults in Maryland know the frustrations of working a low-wage job. Whether they're saving for college tuition, a car or just the basic costs of living, it can seem to take forever to make enough money to satisfy their needs, especially if they haven't earned a post-high-school degree.

50 years after using a fake dime, man is fired

Most people in Washington, D.C., would be shocked to learn the far-reaching consequences that a criminal conviction can have. Larceny, theft and crimes involving deceit are especially difficult to move forward from because many employers are afraid that a former offender will steal again. This is one of the many reasons why anyone accused of a theft or property crime in Washington, D.C., should work closely with a criminal defense attorney.

Work-first programs showing success for released offenders

There is one thing that officials with the department of corrections in every state are worried about: recidivism. When someone is arrested in St. Charles on a drug charge, convicted and sent to prison, there is a possibility that he or she will be back in prison within nine months. The more opportunity that individual has to work and thrive in a work environment, the less likely he or is to get in trouble again.

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