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Posts tagged "drugged driving"

New York State issues "emergency" drunk driving regulations

The State of New York has decided to say "when" to drunk and drugged drivers. Under new "emergency" regulations just issued, drivers with five or more drunk or drugged driving convictions over their lifetime will have their licenses permanently revoked. Three or more intoxicated driving convictions plus at least one serious traffic offense within a 25 year period will also lead to permanent revocation. This is the first time that Empire State motorists have ever faced the prospect of losing their driving privileges for life after being convicted of multiple drunk or drugged driving crimes.

Marijuana study looks at effects of drugged driving

With medical marijuana legal in Washington, D.C., there have been some questions raised about what to do with individuals who drive after smoking. If the individual has some marijuana in his or her system but it is not impairing his or her ability to drive, should that be a crime? At what point does marijuana even affect the ability to drive? These are questions that, up until now, researchers have not been able to answer, but a new study could provide the answers.

Man could still go to jail after being acquitted of drugged driving

Imagine a Silver Spring man being acquitted of driving under the influence of drugs. In most situations, that Maryland man would be free to go and the state could no longer hold him. In very few situations, however, he could find himself on his way to prison. Unfortunately for one out-of-state man, this is exactly the situation he is facing after he was acquitted of drugged driving.

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