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Posts tagged "dismissal of criminal charges"

Class-action suit filed against officer for DUI charges

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper has been accused of filing false DUI charges, and now is facing a class-action lawsuit for the allegations. Her superiors are also involved in the lawsuit, though she was fired for her misconduct. The class-action lawsuit involves at least 40 people who claim to have been wrongfully arrested by the trooper.

Drug cases linked to dirty cops thrown out

Cases were dismissed last week from Philadelphia courts that were based on work by narcotics officers. As a result of the dismissal of these 41 drug cases, the defendants will be freed so long as they do not have any outstanding charges. These defendants had been awaiting trial following investigations by narcotics field officers who have been accused of planting evidence. At least 16 other cases connected with the squad have been dismissed.

Prosecutors drop sexual assault charges against priest

Everyone in Washington, D.C., has heard numerous stories about priests, pastors and other religious figures that allegedly prey on their congregants. Accusations of sexual assault by a priest are so common that many people will assume that all allegations of sexual assault are true. Unfortunately, some cases arise after a false report is made, but even when a priest is able to prove his innocence, it doesn't mean his career hasn't already been ruined by the mere accusation of sexual abuse.

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