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How do Maryland criminal proceedings work?

A criminal proceeding in Maryland is initiated with the filing of information or a grand jury indictment by the State's Attorney's Office. Subsequently, the defendant is notified about the same and is ordered to appear in the court on a specific date. In some cases, a warrant may also be issued to keep the defendant in custody.

Probe nets charges against Baltimore cops for alleged tow scheme

Criminal charges can have a ripple effect on the lives of the accused. They can damage the accused person's reputation, strain relationships with family members and friends and cause problems at work. Too often, everything a Maryland resident has worked for can be compromised by a single criminal accusation. Even worse, charges that are not immediately addressed can have long-term negative consequences, including the prospect of prison. Two Baltimore police officers may be experiencing just this after finding themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Maryland store employee faces charges for theft

A 26-year-old Maryland man has been charged with theft over $500 and making a false report. The charges stem from an incident in which the man reportedly called police stating that he was the victim of an armed robbery at the store where he worked. In reality, however, police say that he was the one who committed the crime.

Former nursing home administrator charged with theft and fraud

Two years after surrendering his professional license amid theft allegation, a 48-year-old former Maryland nursing home administrator has been indicted on 12 charges, including felony theft, felony Medicaid fraud and felony theft scheme. The alleged thefts occurred while he was administrator of the Berlin nursing home in 2004 and 2005.

Woman sentenced in BCCC theft case

A 52-year-old Maryland woman who had been charged with stealing tuition money from students at Baltimore City Community College pleaded guilty to the charges in Circuit Court. The woman admitted to the theft of more than $7,000 in tuition payments. The woman must pay back her victims in addition to a one-year suspended prison sentence and three-year probation sentence.

Maryland teens arrested in connection with theft

A pair of 18-year-olds were arraigned in connection with being taken into custody for an after-hours robbery at a convenience store. The theft is alleged to have happened after the Sunday evening closing of the store. The male accused individual is said to have hidden in the facility prior to closing time. After the employees left, he allegedly took a cashbox that contained cash and checks totaling approximately $2,000 in value. He was allegedly met outside of the store by the female accused, his girlfriend.

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