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Posts tagged "civil rights"

Can the government restrict sex offenders Internet usage?

Many people in Greenbelt know that people convicted of certain crimes in Maryland may lose certain rights, even after they have finished their punishment and are trying to get back into society. Whether it is losing the ability to vote or the freedom to live wherever they please, the restrictions on people who have been convicted of crimes is serious. Those people who have been convicted of sexual offenses may face a restriction on their use of the Internet.

Robbery suspect claims officers punched, kicked him during arrest

In addition to being presumed innocent until proven guilty, when someone in Montgomery County is arrested, he or she should be able to expect that police will use only the force necessary to handcuff the suspect. This means that if someone in Largo is being arrested for attempted robbery, police can't be extremely physical if the suspect is docile and listens to the arresting officer's commands. If an arresting officer does use unnecessary force, he or she could be the focus of a civil rights lawsuit.

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