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Civil commitment of sexual assault up for constitutional review

Many people in Montgomery County are likely to believe that when someone has finished a criminal sentence that they should be free to go. It is both unconstitutional and wrong to hold someone for an indefinite period of time after they have served his or her sentence. In some states, there are concerns that even after an individual who has been convicted of and served time for a sex offense, he or she could be held in a civil commitment program until he or she is determined not to be a threat. While Maryland doesn't have any such program, there are many people who think the state should adopt one.

Release from civil sex offender program ends indefinite commitment

For Marylanders accused of sexual assault, rape or statutory rape, there is a huge fear that they will be sent to prison for the rest of their lives. There are, however, alternative programs that are sometimes available for those convicted of a sex crime, including civil commitment. Although Maryland doesn't have a civil commitment system, the example of other states may call into question whether such a program would actually benefit the men and women convicted of sex crimes.

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