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Posts tagged "child sexual abuse"

Mia Farrow's brother faces child sex crime allegations

According to officials, Mia Farrow's brother was arrested in Maryland on allegations of child sex abuse. Two men claim that Villers-Farrow abused them over the course of eight years (when they were between 9 and 16 years old).

Football coach's home videos lead to child pornography charges

When someone in Silver Spring is charged with child pornography, many people in the community immediately assume he or she is guilty. Not only do they judge a suspect based solely on the charges, they also may vilify him or her. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney the moment an individual is suspected of possessing or creating child pornography.

Does Jerry Sandusky's personality disorder explain the charges?

Many people in Washington, D.C., have been following the Jerry Sandusky case closely since it broke earlier this year. The former assistant football coach has been charged with 52 charges of child sexual abuse, though one charge was recently dropped. But a psychologist recently testified that Jerry Sandusky has a histrionic personality disorder, which could explain the charges that have been leveled against him.

When are sexual abuse cases too old to prosecute?

Each state has its own rules on when a case becomes too old to prosecute, and while Maryland's laws may be different than any other state's, many people may believe that there is just a point where evidence would be too stale to have a fair trial. Whether that is at the five-year mark, 10 years or 20 years, there are some states that allow prosecutors to bring a sexual abuse case 43 years after the incident apparently took place.

Prosecutors drop sexual assault charges against priest

Everyone in Washington, D.C., has heard numerous stories about priests, pastors and other religious figures that allegedly prey on their congregants. Accusations of sexual assault by a priest are so common that many people will assume that all allegations of sexual assault are true. Unfortunately, some cases arise after a false report is made, but even when a priest is able to prove his innocence, it doesn't mean his career hasn't already been ruined by the mere accusation of sexual abuse.

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