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Posts tagged "child pornography"

Mia Farrow's brother faces child sex crime allegations

According to officials, Mia Farrow's brother was arrested in Maryland on allegations of child sex abuse. Two men claim that Villers-Farrow abused them over the course of eight years (when they were between 9 and 16 years old).

Possession of child porn conviction brings harsh punishment

In a Washington DC federal courtroom earlier this week, a 31-year-old man was sentenced to eight years and three months in prison for possession of child pornography.The Pennsylvania man had pleaded guilty to a count of dissemination of child pornography back in May of this year. As part of a plea agreement reached with prosecutors, he will receive in addition to the time in federal prison, a decade of supervision after his release, the judge ordered.

Football coach's home videos lead to child pornography charges

When someone in Silver Spring is charged with child pornography, many people in the community immediately assume he or she is guilty. Not only do they judge a suspect based solely on the charges, they also may vilify him or her. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney the moment an individual is suspected of possessing or creating child pornography.

Drug counselor accused of sex crimes involving students

Our Maryland readers have learned in previous postings, of the importance of following the letter of the law. During an arrest, police procedures must be followed precisely. During a trial, existing law is used to determine innocence or guilt.

Priest's state pornography crimes dropped, federal charges remain

Possessing child pornography is a serious crime that carries substantial penalties. Further, because child pornography crimes often involve the Internet or other channels of interstate commerce, suspects can be charged with both state and federal crimes. Maryland or Washington, D.C., residents who are accused of or charged with Internet sex crimes will need a strong criminal defense attorney to combat the severe consequences of a conviction.

Professor arrested, charged with possession of child pornography

Washington, D.C., residents may have heard of a recent sex crimes story that has made headlines across the country. A university professor has been arrested and charged with looking at child pornography while on a flight. What makes this story particularly interesting, however, is how law enforcement officials were notified of the alleged behavior.

Man pleads guilty to internet sex crimes, awaits sentencing

There are some allegations that are nearly impossible to shake. Being accused of an Internet sex crime, such as possessing child pornography or solicitation of a minor over the Internet, will almost always make Maryland news and stir up the emotions of many people in Silver Spring. The anger, fear and hate the public may feel toward someone suspected of Internet sex crimes makes it nearly impossible for a suspect to represent him or herself. It is essential that anyone accused of an Internet sex crime consult a criminal defense attorney about their legal options.

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