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Do you possess a firearm in Maryland unlawfully?

Illegal weapon possession in Maryland cannot only pose serious consequences for a resident's image but it can also wreak havoc on nearly every aspect of the accused's life. If convicted, the state of Maryland has some stringent laws against felons who possess firearms. Likewise, federal law imposes harsh penalties on people who are convicted of gun crimes.

Who is prohibited from buying or possessing a gun in Maryland?

In order to ensure public safety, federal law prohibits certain categories of people from purchasing or possessing firearms. These categories include convicted felons, domestic abusers, and some people with a history of serious mental health issues.

Long-term consequences of gun possession in Maryland

For anyone in Maryland convicted of a criminal offense, the long-term consequences can make life difficult. The conviction can make being hired for a job, getting a loan or finding affordable housing difficult. Illegal gun possession is one crime that can make life especially tough for a convict.

Suspect with criminal record charged with robbery

A 51-year-old suspect with a lengthy criminal history was taken into custody in Baltimore recently after he was accused of robbing victims of cash. He faces several charges, including assault and robbery of two workers at a local medical facility and other crimes. He was held with no bail. Law enforcement personnel are still looking over security camera footage as the crime may be connected to another robbery. The suspect's wife insisted he has been set up by law enforcement personnel as she claims that he was at a court-ordered substance abuse program when the crimes at the hospital occurred. She believes he is being accused for the crime because of his criminal background. Personnel at the drug treatment program were unavailable to confirm or deny his presence at the time of the crimes. 

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