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Maryland planning stricter laws for police accountability

It is the duty of all police officers to protect citizens, but there have been occasions where certain officers of the law did not use their authority responsibly. Recently, Maryland citizens protested before a House of Delegates committee on behalf of people who lost their lives while interacting with law enforcement officers in Maryland.

Baltimore Ravens' security head faces sexual assault charges

The Baltimore Ravens' current National Football League season has been something of a roller coaster. Although they are entering the playoffs as a wild card team, their early season was overshadowed by last February's incident involving Ray Rice and the suspension of a defensive lineman. Despite all that, the Ravens enter postseason play as a dark horse to win the Super Bowl. Their security director, however, may soon be struggling to avoid a criminal trial.

Dozens face charges in alleged dog fighting ring in Maryland

Dogs, as saying goes, are a man's best friend. However, some people raise dogs not for companionship, but for sport. Dog fighting is prohibited in most states, including Maryland, and anyone caught or suspected of taking part in such an activity is sure to face serious penalties.

Exorcising the ghosts of a criminal charge for Maryland residents

Although Halloween is over, a Maryland resident may still be haunted by "ghosts" in the form of criminal accusations. Unfair or unjust allegations can haunt a person in so many ways -- it can strain relationships between family members and friends, cause a person to be shunned by the community and cost employment opportunities. These are just a few of the consequences an accused can face. However, our Silver Spring law firm can help exorcise such ghosts so a Maryland resident can move forward in life.

Maryland accountant facing new theft charges

An accountant from Chrisfield is facing new charges; he was taken into custody previously on allegations of forgery and theft. In the morning of Dec. 13, Maryland State Police took the accountant into custody and charged him with two counts of theft. He was held on a $25,000 bond.

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