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Maryland man receives 45-year sentence for drug charges

Courts can be particularly unforgiving of people who are found guilty of distributing illegal drugs. Deemed a particularly serious drug crime, trafficking recently led to the 45-year sentence handed down to a former Bowie resident. In addition to facing charges for conspiring to distribute large amounts of cocaine, he was also charged with possessing a firearm while the narcotics offenses were committed.Indicted along with 14 other people, including a 39-year-old Silver Spring man and a 32-year-old man from Glenn Dale, he was part of one of the largest drug seizures in the metropolitan area. Along with the prison term, he must also forfeit any assets that were purchased with money obtained through drug trafficking activities. This included more than $200,000 in cash and a diamond engagement ring valued at $9,400.

Three charged in strongbox theft

Two men and a woman face theft charges stemming from the removal of a strongbox containing about $10,000 in cash and other items from a home. The incident occurred in Great Mills on Feb. 12. Along with the strongbox, the culprits took tools, a gun and ammunition, according to information provided by investigating officers and an inventory of the home.A 25-year-old man from Great Mills and a 37-year-old woman from Valley Lee were originally charged in the incident. The man was released on $5,000 bond shortly after his arrest. The woman was released on a personal recognizance bond in March. A third arrest was made in April. A 26-year-old man from Callaway is being in held on a $15,000 bond.

Maryland man arrested in other state after police photograph him

When police talk with a person, it is important that the person understands their rights. Sometimes police approach people that they think look suspicious, or who just might be in a place with a high crime rate. When a person is arrested they should understand their rights and might be wise to speak with an experienced attorney before speaking with police.

Man arrested on drug charges after allegedly texting wrong person

A man in another state was placed under arrest Wednesday after police say he tried to sell drugs to a teenager, who he thought was another person. According to a story by the Associated Press, the man was arrested because police say he texted a thirteen-year-old boy asking him if he wanted to buy ecstasy. The boy then reportedly showed the text message to a school police officer, who set up a meeting between the man and an undercover officer.

Is marijuana headed for legalization? The answer is still hazy

America's war on drugs is full of small battles going on in individual states. Many Maryland residents are aware that voters in Washington state and Colorado elected to legalize marijuana in the last election, though the drug is still illegal under federal law. This discrepancy has created considerable friction between local and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as frustration among dispensary owners and users. Other states have legalized medical marijuana only, making the national conversation about this recreational drug all the more confusing -- but also very interesting.

Maryland considering repeal of capital punishment

Whether you're for or against it, the death penalty remains a major issue in states that have it, including Maryland. Our state now finds itself teetering on the edge of the debate, poised to consider an abolishment of capital punishment. If it does, it will join a growing list of states that no longer put people to death for committing violent crimes.

Traffic violation leads to record drug bust in Maryland

There are many different circumstances that can lead to an arrest on drug charges, but one of the most common is a traffic stop. People who are transporting illegal drugs, whether in small quantities for personal use or large amounts for distribution, are usually aware that violating traffic laws increases the chances that they will be caught. Running a red light or speeding past a state trooper is a good way to get pulled over, and if the officer who stops you finds probable cause to search your vehicle, you could find yourself in serious legal trouble.

Man accused of DUI in fatal accident now faces homicide charges

As anyone who has been convicted of drunk driving in Maryland knows, the penalties for such an offense can be severe. But there's a marked difference between the charges that come after a traffic stop versus a serious crash caused by driving under the influence. Whereas the former might earn you a simple charge of driving while impaired, an accident that injures or kills someone might put you behind bars for several years. And that punishment doesn't include the impact a crash could have on another person's life.

Maryland police arrest, charge three with murder after shooting

Police officers in Maryland have arrested three people after a shooting last weekend. The shooting resulted in one person dying and another person being wounded. The person who was wounded remains hospitalized. It is unclear what may have led to the shooing, but police have not filed charges.

Maryland mother, son not guilty of providing to minors

On Jan. 30, a 19-year-old and her two friends were driving the wrong way on Interstate 97 and Route 50 in Davidsonville, Maryland. It was around 3:30 a.m. when the 19-year-old's Chrysler Sebring collided with another car, driven by a 55-year-old Severna Park man. All four died.

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