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Teenagers face first-degree murder charges following assault

Being charged with murder in Greenbelt is extremely serious. Just facing a criminal charge, especially one that is as serious as murder, can put a lot of strain on an individual. He or she may lose a job, housing and family and friends because people are frightened. Even if an individual is cleared of all charges, that mark may still be on him or her, making it very difficult to rebuild a life that was shattered by murder charges.

Facebook, social media sites track users, read communications

Unless someone has a nosy family member or friend, most people in Maryland assume that their communications over Facebook and other social networking sites are private or, at least as private as their privacy settings allow. The truth is, however, that many Internet sites, including Facebook, monitor what their users say on chats and personal messages in an effort to find suspected child predators.

Can the government restrict sex offenders Internet usage?

Many people in Greenbelt know that people convicted of certain crimes in Maryland may lose certain rights, even after they have finished their punishment and are trying to get back into society. Whether it is losing the ability to vote or the freedom to live wherever they please, the restrictions on people who have been convicted of crimes is serious. Those people who have been convicted of sexual offenses may face a restriction on their use of the Internet.

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