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Posts tagged "Drug Crimes"

Maryland bans synthetic marijuana products

Synthetic marijuana use continues to increase in Maryland and throughout the United States. Synthetic marijuana has become so popular that the National Institute on Drug Abuse said it is the second-most common illegal drug used by high school seniors.

Evidence won't stand if found by sniffing canines

Maryland residents may be aware that the U.S. Supreme Court decided on March 26 that canines cannot sniff the front door of a residence because it violates the Fourth Amendment rights of those who live there. If law enforcement personnel want to find evidence of drug crimes, they must request a search warrant first. In the case of Florida v. Jardines, the justice for the majority defended the higher standard of protection for a person's residence and called it the "first among equals." The police have the right to knock on the door like any ordinary citizen but may not use canines to sniff around the residence looking for contraband. However, law enforcement can still use canines in drug detection of vehicles, packages and airport luggage.

Man arrested on drug charges after allegedly texting wrong person

A man in another state was placed under arrest Wednesday after police say he tried to sell drugs to a teenager, who he thought was another person. According to a story by the Associated Press, the man was arrested because police say he texted a thirteen-year-old boy asking him if he wanted to buy ecstasy. The boy then reportedly showed the text message to a school police officer, who set up a meeting between the man and an undercover officer.

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