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Posts tagged "DUI charges"

Court says eighth DUI is enough, next stop - jail

Many may not realize that a Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) arrest in Maryland carries with it both civil and criminal consequences. Both can be influenced by your driving record, history of DUI offenses, and the blood alcohol content at the time of the offense. While the criminal consequences could include fines and jail time, the civil consequences can result in a loss of license or other privileges.

Class-action suit filed against officer for DUI charges

A Utah Highway Patrol trooper has been accused of filing false DUI charges, and now is facing a class-action lawsuit for the allegations. Her superiors are also involved in the lawsuit, though she was fired for her misconduct. The class-action lawsuit involves at least 40 people who claim to have been wrongfully arrested by the trooper.

Cases may be dismissed due to inaccurate breathalyzer evidence

Maryland residents are likely familiar with the technology that police use to test drivers for their blood-alcohol content called a breathalyzer. As much as we all may love technology, it can cause serious issues for people accused of crimes. Over the past few months, we have seen numerous cases with evidence called into question due to lab practices, and now, a judge in Pennsylvania has challenged the breathalyzer tests in his county.

Bobby Brown pleads not guilty for second DUI

Many people know Bobby Brown for his musical career or his marriage to late singer Whitney Houston, but he has also been building himself a reputation with the law. Following a DUI arrest, the judge has accepted a plea from Brown through his attorney in Los Angeles. Brown chose not to appear in court due to the media attention. A follow-up is expected sometime this month, but in the meantime, the judge ordered Brown to attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meeting per week.

Complicated drunk driving case takes an odd turn

Maryland residents may not be familiar with a case from Florida, but will no doubt be interested in its result. In an appeals court decision, a 12-year prison sentence for DUI manslaughter was overturned. Typically, DUI cases that result in fatality are aggressively prosecuted and carry with them very negative connotations for the driver involved. In this case, the driver was drunk; however, the circumstances of the argument have proved that despite his DUI, he was not at fault.

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