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Posts tagged "Breathalyzer test"

Cases may be dismissed due to inaccurate breathalyzer evidence

Maryland residents are likely familiar with the technology that police use to test drivers for their blood-alcohol content called a breathalyzer. As much as we all may love technology, it can cause serious issues for people accused of crimes. Over the past few months, we have seen numerous cases with evidence called into question due to lab practices, and now, a judge in Pennsylvania has challenged the breathalyzer tests in his county.

Carbon-based product could reduce wrongful drunk driving arrests

With the District of Columbia's history of arresting people who were far from intoxicated for drunk driving, it is likely that residents of Washington, D.C., are somewhat concerned that they will be pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. Especially with the District's announcement that it will try to reintroduce breath tests in the near future, District drivers may want to look into a new product called the Breathalyzer Equalizer.

District moves to restart drunk driving breath test program

For quite a while, anyone passing through Washington, D.C., had to worry about police and the District's odd drunken driving policies. Though Metropolitan Police stopped using breath tests to check motorists suspected of drunk driving after it was discovered that the breath tests could overestimate the amount of alcohol in a person's system by 20 percent, the D.C. Council has proposed a bill that would resume breath tests. It remains to be seen what will make these breath tests different from the previously erroneous ones.

Washington, D.C., drivers subjected to a "broken system"

Washington, D.C., is the seat of federal law, but it is also gathering a lot of criticism for the way the local legal system is handling cases of suspected driving while impaired and driving under the influence. After it was discovered that the District's Breathalyzers were not properly calibrated and that people who had been convicted of drunk driving may not have been intoxicated, police have removed the Breathalyzer program altogether, leaving drivers vulnerable to a "broken system."

Appealing a drunk driving conviction -- know your rights

Being accused of drunk driving is a serious accusation with severe consequences. A conviction of driving under the influence or driving while impaired in Montgomery County or in Maryland in general can result in criminal and civil charges, hefty fines, suspension or revocation of your license and even jail time.

D.C. police using faulty breathalyzer tests

For nearly a decade, two Washington, D.C., police officers have been waging war with the city's residents, focusing on stopping and arresting people under suspicion for drunk driving. The two even carved out their own drunk driving niche within the Metropolitan Police Department. Patrolling the streets of the nation's capital, the duo has reportedly busted hundreds of alleged drunk drivers.

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