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When can a criminal record be expunged in Maryland?

One of the unfortunate consequences of being charged with or convicted of a crime in Maryland is the fact that you will incur a criminal record that is accessible to the public. For example, a potential employer or landlord might run a criminal background check, see that you have been convicted of a crime and thus might choose not to hire you or rent a home to you. This can make life difficult, even after you have paid your debt to society.

"Revenge porn" is now illegal per Maryland extortion laws

With the advent of the Internet came the advent of crimes associated with it. While one may think mainly of white-collar crimes, such as identity theft, when it comes to Internet crimes, there are other ways a person could use the Internet to commit a crime. Extortion is one of these crimes, and Maryland law has recently expanded the scope of what acts could fall under extortion laws.

A domestic assault case can hurt a parent's custody chances

Domestic assault charges will usually require an assertive criminal defense for a number of reasons. Like any criminal case, even a misdemeanor domestic assault charge can land a person in jail and most certainly will result on probation, fines, fees and other penalties. Moreover, convictions for crimes related to domestic violence can affect people in other ways, about which they might not even think at the time.

Domestic violence comes in many different forms

Domestic violence includes a lot more than just physical violence. For individuals facing domestic assault accusations, allegations and possible criminal charges, it is important to be familiar with the different types of domestic abuse and the options available when facing allegations of domestic violence.

Montgomery County crime down but sex offenses up

Accused individuals who have been caught up in the criminal justice system should be familiar with how the process works. Overall crime is down in Montgomery County by 48 percent, however, some categories of crime, including some violent crimes, have increased. Murders and assaults are up by a small amount, while sexual assaults are up by 53 percent. The local police chief referred to the increase in sex offenses as alarming.

A journey through the criminal justice process

An overview of the criminal justice process and its components can help an accused individual better navigate the process. There are three primary institutions that comprise the criminal justice system including law enforcement, the court system and the corrections system. It is helpful to understand a little about what each does.

What is a "plea bargain"?

Plea bargaining is important to understand because it is a significant part of the criminal justice system. For an accused individual facing criminal charges, and a potential plea bargain, there are likely many important questions that come up that need to be answered.

The seriousness of sex offenses and sex offender registries

One of the most challenging aspects of sex crimes charges can be the requirement to register as a sex offender. Sex offenses can result in serious penalties, a potential loss of freedom and significant personal and professional consequences. The added requirement to register as a sex offender is something individuals in Maryland accused of sex crimes should know about.

What are robbery charges?

Individuals who have been charged with robbery may wonder what the charges include. Robbery charges are felony charges, which means they carry potentially stiff penalties, beginning with a possible year or more in prison. Robbery generally refers to the taking of property with the use of force or by causing injury.

Maryland man faces 13 criminal charges

In a nearby Maryland community north of the Silver Springs area, a man is facing drug and weapons charges. According to authorities, they were called to the area based on a report of an individual with a firearm. Authorities found three men sitting on a step, and the man who was later arrested allegedly ran from police and tripped and fell.

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