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Were you stopped at a DUI checkpoint during the holidays?

The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year in Maryland and nationwide. It is also a time when people may be celebrating the holiday early with friends and family. These celebrations often involve alcohol. Due to the celebratory nature of the holiday, combined with an influx in traffic, police across Maryland will be on high alert for those they believe are driving under the influence of alcohol this time of year.

Can you lose your driver's license following a DUI in Maryland?

Driving is a necessity for many people in Maryland. It's how they get to work, how they make it to medical appointments and go grocery shopping, among many other tasks. Getting your driver's license is a rite of passage and, once you have it, it's hard to imagine life without it.

Protecting the rights of those accused of DUI/DWI

Maryland recognizes two different types of drunk driving charges. One is driving under the influence of alcohol. This is a serious offense that could lead to the suspension or revocation of a person's driver's license and as many as three years in jail for a second or subsequent offense. The other is driving while impaired. While this charge is not as serious as driving under the influence of alcohol, it could still lead to the suspension of a person's driver's license, a significant fine and possibly jail time, among other penalties. When accused of driving while impaired or driving under the influence of alcohol it is important to take every step necessary to present a solid defense case.

Maryland man arrested on DUI charges after traffic stop

Drunk driving charges are serious and carry potentially serious penalties and consequences. In a Maryland community southeast of the Silver Spring area a man was recently arrested on drunk driving charges. Following the traffic stop, the man is facing multiple DUI charges including a failure to have a required ignition interlock device. According to authorities, they were patrolling when they noticed a vehicle swerve over the center line. Authorities reported that when they pulled the 41-year old man over, he had an open container of beer in his vehicle.

Maryland political candidate charged with DUI

Drunk driving charges in Maryland can place accused individuals in serious jeopardy and result in significant consequences and penalties for accused individuals if convicted. This is especially true for those who hold a public position or are otherwise in the public eye. For example, in a Maryland community approximately two hours east of the Silver Spring area, a candidate for County Clerk of the Circuit Court for the local county was charged with driving under the influence.

How long will my driver's license be suspended for a DUI?

A recent post here discussed what can happen in Maryland if an individual is accused of driving under the influence and fails or refuses a breath test to determine their blood alcohol content level. There is a complex set of potential penalties and consequences that can result from a drunk driving charge. Different consequences can result from a breath test refusal or a failed breath test, so it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with what those are.

The consequences of breath test refusal in Maryland

When an individual has been pulled over by police for drunk driving, it is important that they understand what happens next and their rights. In Maryland, a breath test refusal, or failing a breath test, may result in the loss of the individual's driver's license. The police officer will confiscate the individual's driver's license and issue a temporary paper license. If the individual's driver's license has been confiscated by police, they may be authorized to drive using the temporary license.

High school principal charged with DUI in Maryland

This blog recently discussed potential penalties and consequences of drunk driving charges which can have a tremendous impact on the everyday life of an accused individual. In a Maryland community a couple of hours from the Silver Spring area, a catholic high school principal was recently arrested on several DUI charges.

Penalties and consequences of a DUI in Maryland

Individuals facing drunk driving charges face both criminal penalties and administrative sanctions which can be serious. It is important to know how to combat these charges and to understand the potential penalties and consequences faced when accused of drunk driving. Criminal penalties can include jail time and fines and administrative penalties can include driver's license suspension and revocation. The potential penalties and consequences, of course, can have a significant impact on the accused individual professionally, personally and financially.

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