Gun Possession Without A Valid Permit

Gun Possession Without A Valid Permit

Have you been arrested for carrying a gun without a valid permit? Are you from another state and not aware of what the laws are in Maryland? Are you worried about your right to carry a firearm because of this charge?

Attorney James N. Papirmeister is not only a criminal defense lawyer with 34 years of experience defending people who have faced all types of gun charges, but he was also selected to the 2014 Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. This recognition is limited to only the most distinguished law practices, receiving the highest rating for legal ability and adherence to professional standards of conduct, which comprise ethics, reliability and diligence. If this is the kind of experience you are looking for in an attorney to handle your case, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Current Maryland Gun Permit Laws

Currently, no permit is required to possess a rifle or shotgun in Maryland. However, a person is required to possess a permit for a handgun. A permit may be granted by the licensing bureau of the state police department if you meet the required qualifications and are not excluded based on certain restrictions.

Anyone who is denied a permit, denied a renewal, has a permit revoked or has a permit limited to time and place for use may request the secretary of the state police to conduct an informal review. Attorney Papirmeister can help you make this appeal and submit reasoning as to why your permit should be approved.

Additionally, unless otherwise exempt because you already own the handgun, as of October 1, 2013, a Maryland resident must possess a valid handgun qualification license (HQL) before he or she may purchase, rent or receive a handgun. This applies to all rentals and purchases of new handguns after this date. If you do not complete this training, your new permit will not be valid and you may face charges for gun possession without a valid permit as well as other sanctions.

If you are visiting Maryland from another state or country, you may not possess or carry a handgun on foot or in a vehicle in a loaded or readily accessible manner without a valid Maryland permit.

Working Hard To Protect Your Constitutional Rights

If you are arrested and charged with any of these offenses, you can face fines and jail time, including mandatory minimum sentencing, as well as a long-term or permanent ban on being issued any future permits. James N. Papirmeister is a lawyer who will act quickly to protect your rights and work hard to protect your future. His goal is to achieve an outcome that minimizes your penalties – or eliminates them altogether – and does not prevent you from obtaining or possessing firearms in the future.

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