Do I Have To Take A DUI Roadside Test?

Do I Have To Take A DUI Roadside Test?

People who are convicted of driving under the influence in Maryland usually have one thing in common: They took a field sobriety test. Few people even know they are not required to take this test or the roadside breath test. Before you give police evidence that could possibly lead to a DUI conviction, call an experienced defense lawyer.

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Why You Shouldn’t Take The Field Sobriety Test

The field sobriety test typically consists of the walk-and-turn, the one-leg stand and the horizontal gaze nystagmus. Even when administered properly (and in most cases, they aren’t), the tests are designed for you to fail. Once you fail the tests, police will have video evidence of the failure to use against you in your DUI case.

If you are asked to take a field sobriety test, you should politely decline. Do not answer any questions, and promptly call a lawyer. If you have already taken a test and failed it, attorney Papirmeister will focus his efforts on showing why test results should not be admissible.

Do I Have To Take The Breath Test?

There are actually two breath tests in Maryland. There is the roadside breath test, which is performed by the officer who stopped you. You are not required to take this test, and you should not take it. The officers who perform these tests often administer them improperly.

If the officer arrests you, you may be asked to take a breath test or blood draw at the police station. Under our implied consent laws, this is the only test you are required to take.

Talk To A Lawyer About Field Sobriety Tests Now

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