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Felonies Archives

Maryland bill would increase penalties for ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a computer software program that permits people to unlawfully access and control a computer, along with any data stored on the computer. The person will then refuse to turn over control of the computer and its data unless he or she is paid a certain amount of money. Sometimes these people will up the ransom if it is not paid by a certain time or the person may even permanently delete information on the hacked computer.

What constitutes the crime of burglary in Maryland?

When a person thinks of the crime of burglary, they may envision a masked criminal breaking into a locked home in the dead of night and stealing something inside. However, under state law, burglary does not necessarily have to involve theft, nor is it limited to a person's home. Thus, it is important to understand the difference between burglary and other crimes.

What is the felony crime "vehicular manslaughter"?

No one gets in their car and hits the road with the intention of causing a deadly accident. Unfortunately, fatal accidents happen all too often in Maryland and across the nation. Many times, these tragic incidents are truly accidental, and no one can be blamed for them. However, other times a driver is accused of driving in a grossly negligent manner. This may be considered vehicular manslaughter, which is a very serious charge.

Man charged with smuggling offenses on Maryland shore

According to a recent report, a man from out-of-state has been accused of traveling over state lines with what authorities described as contraband cigarettes. He was detained by agents of the state Comptroller, who helps enforce Maryland's excise tax laws. Among other items, Maryland places taxes on cigarettes.

What are murder charges and how can I protect myself if charged?

In general, most people in Maryland have a basic understanding of what murder is. However, any individual accused of murder may be left wondering exactly what the charges include. It may not be as simple as it initially seems. Because the penalties for murder can be so serious, it is important to understand murder charges if you are facing them.

The basics of white collar crime

Sometimes people may not think of white collar crime as serious but white collar criminal charges are serious criminal charges and can carry potentially significant consequences for accused individuals. The term white collar crime refers to a variety of different crimes but typically all are motivated by the desire for financial gain and deceit is commonly used in the commission of them.

What are some common felony drug charges?

Felony criminal charges are always serious and felony drug charges are no different. While there are different types of felony drug charges, felony drug charges include drug trafficking and drug distribution charges. While drug possession charges are serious, and can carry potentially serious penalties and consequences, the penalties for drug trafficking charges can be especially harsh.

Why should felony charges be taken so seriously?

Knowing the reasons why felony charges should be taken seriously is important for individuals who have been accused of committing a felony crime to understand. While all criminal charges should not be treated lightly, felony charges can be particularly serious because of the potential consequences and repercussions individuals accused of felony charges can face.

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