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Are standardized field sobriety tests reliable?

Many of our previous posts here have addressed the severe nature of consequences that accompany a DUI charge in Maryland. For starters, there is the prospect of being placed in jail in the immediate aftermath of the arrest, which could jeopardize a person's employment. Then, there is the likelihood of an automatic license suspension. And then, if the case leads to a conviction, a defendant could be subjected to court supervision through a term of probation, which can include restrictions on a person's liberties.

Take the right approach to drunk driving charges in Maryland

When Maryland residents are arrested on drunk driving charges, they may think it is too late to mount a defense to the charge. After all, they have already been cuffed and processed at the jail, right? Wrong. While anyone would likely feel embarrassed or distraught in the immediate aftermath of being arrested, this is no time to lose hope about the prospects of defending against the charges.

Your driver's license is in jeopardy with a DUI charge

Some people in Maryland may not think that a DUI charge is a big deal. After all, most DUI charges are misdemeanors, at least for first-time offenders, right? So, perhaps they think, what's the worst that could happen? A term of probation? A "slap on the wrist?" It is a mistake to think of DUI charges like this. Besides a criminal conviction and a restriction of liberty, you may be facing a consequence that has an even greater impact, for an even longer period of time: a driver's license suspension.

Legal consequences of a DUI or DWI in Maryland

Looking at the statistics on traffic fatalities in Maryland reveals that the number of alcohol-related deaths is declining. Those in the state legislature continue to review the data and, in response, enact or amend laws that levy serious penalties for those convicted of a DUI or DWI.

An overview of field sobriety tests

Thousands of Maryland residents are arrested each year on driving while intoxicated charges. The slightest road violation - failure to use a turn signal, a busted taillight or crossing the centerline - could lead to a traffic stop, which could then turn into a DUI investigation. When a police officer smells alcohol on a driver, one of the first steps is to start conducting field sobriety tests.

Teens who binge and drive

Some parents may allow their teenage son or daughter to have a little beer or wine to celebrate a special occasion, and they no doubt believe that a child has not developed anything remotely resembling alcohol dependency. However, young people who do have a taste for alcohol can hide it well. They may not drink every day, but many embrace a different pattern known as binge drinking.

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