What happens when police catch you with prescription medication?

What happens when police catch you with prescription medication?

| Dec 29, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Recently, you heard of a friend detained by Maryland police for carrying prescription medication and charged with a drug crime. You take a legal prescription medication and do not want the same thing to happen to you. What can you do? 

The Recovery Village explains how to carry medication outside your home so you remain compliant with the law. Learn how to protect yourself while tending to your health. 

Caught without a prescription

Say that police find you with prescription medication on your person, but you do not have the prescription. Under those circumstances, you could receive a misdemeanor or felony charge. Even if you carry your prescription, you may still face charges if your prescription does not match the form, quantity or concentration of the medication you have with you. For instance, you may break the law by carrying extended-release medication capsules when you only have a prescription for tablet form medication. Similar legal infractions include possessing a legal prescription without a label on the bottle and carrying an expired prescription. 

Caught with medication outside its original container

Maybe you bring a few of your anxiety medication pills with you when you go out. Some laws forbid patients from storing medication in a toiletry kit, bag, pocket, or non-medical storage compartment. Those who break these laws may find themselves under arrest and prosecuted. 

While it may be inconvenient to carry your medication in its original bottle, doing so could help you avoid criminal charges. Check that your medication’s original bottle has the medication label, which lists your identification information, medication name, medication amount and medication dosage. Consider contacting your doctor or pharmacist to learn more about carrying and storing your prescription outside your home.