Recent reports shed light on sex crimes in Maryland

Recent reports shed light on sex crimes in Maryland

| Sep 10, 2020 | Sex Crimes |

News reports often carry information on sex crimes perpetrated in Maryland. These reports often shine a light on the criminal justice system and how it operates.

A recent arrest in the state illustrates the important work of prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys and the court system. A second story reports a disturbing trend.

Manchester man charged with two sex offenses

The Baltimore Sun reported that a man faces charges on sexually assaulting two girls. One girl stated that the abuse began when she was eight years old and continued multiple times over several months. A second girl reported abuse that included a man touching her in inappropriate areas over her clothing. Authorities issued a warrant for the man’s arrest, though a period of  several months elapsed from the time Child Protective Services received reports of the abuse.

Online records show the man received charges of third-degree sex offense, sex abuse of a minor and two counts each of fourth-degree sex offense and second-degree assault. The man, released on his recognizance, faces an upcoming preliminary hearing.

Sex crimes increased in Montgomery County

WTOP News reported that rapes in Montgomery County increased by nearly 28% in 2018. This continued an increase in rapes that began in  2015, as recorded by Montgomery County. After reporting 126 rapes in 2014, the county recorded the following numbers of rapes in the next four years: 286, 309, 398 and 509.

Authorities gave two possible reasons for the increase: in 2015, the FBI changed the definition of rape; the growth of the #MeToo movement encouraged more victims to come forward with charges. In 2018, victims did not know the identity of the attacker in 14% of the cases