Belt leads officers to arrest Baltimore teen

Belt leads officers to arrest Baltimore teen

| Sep 1, 2020 | Criminal Law |

Accusations of criminal activity in Silver Spring can easily stir up people’s emotions, leading them to make assumptions and form opinions on a matter before all of the relevant facts become available. The danger in this is that it may prejudice any chances one accused of such actions may have of receiving a fair and impartial judgment if and when their case goes to trial.

Not only is it important for people to remember that one enjoys the legal presumption of innocent until proven guilty, but also that law enforcement officials must follow proper procedures when investigating a crime and subsequently making an arrest. Such procedures include establishing probable cause for an offense rather than basing actions on an issue someone thinks.

Teen’s arrested due to designer belt

The recent arrest of a Baltimore teen illustrates how this could lead to prosecutorial issues. According to The Baltimore Sun, authorities arrested the young man because of a designer belt he wore. The victims of an earlier robbery described their assailant wearing a similar belt. It was only based of this claim that authorities detained the teen. They also claim to justify the charges against him due to a picture posted on his Instagram page in which he brandishes a handgun reportedly similar to the one used in the robbery.

Challenging evidence solely based on similarities

The trouble with seeking criminal charges solely due to similarities is that it does not recognize that any number of people could wear the same article of clothing or own the same type of object. Such facts may raise doubt regarding one’s assumed guilt, which then does not meet the standard for imposing criminal penalties. Having reliable legal assistance may help ensure that a criminal court recognizes such issues on a defendant’s behalf.