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December 2018 Archives

Maryland home improvement store robbed at knifepoint

A 29-year-old Rockville man has been charged with multiple offenses after the robbery of a Home Depot store. On December 2, at approximately 3:40 p.m., a man entered the store located on Georgia Avenue in Aspen Hill. He then proceeded to steal a large spool of copper wire and relocate it into some nearby trees on the property.

When can a criminal record be expunged in Maryland?

One of the unfortunate consequences of being charged with or convicted of a crime in Maryland is the fact that you will incur a criminal record that is accessible to the public. For example, a potential employer or landlord might run a criminal background check, see that you have been convicted of a crime and thus might choose not to hire you or rent a home to you. This can make life difficult, even after you have paid your debt to society.

Maryland woman acquitted of murder charges

When a person is killed at the hands of another, police and prosecutors will go to great lengths to determine who committed the crime and prove that person is guilty. It may be easy to jump to conclusions in an effort to identify the perpetrator of the alleged murder. However, it is important that an innocent individual is not wrongfully convicted of such a serious crime.

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