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September 2018 Archives

Protecting the rights of those accused of DUI/DWI

Maryland recognizes two different types of drunk driving charges. One is driving under the influence of alcohol. This is a serious offense that could lead to the suspension or revocation of a person's driver's license and as many as three years in jail for a second or subsequent offense. The other is driving while impaired. While this charge is not as serious as driving under the influence of alcohol, it could still lead to the suspension of a person's driver's license, a significant fine and possibly jail time, among other penalties. When accused of driving while impaired or driving under the influence of alcohol it is important to take every step necessary to present a solid defense case.

A domestic assault case can hurt a parent's custody chances

Domestic assault charges will usually require an assertive criminal defense for a number of reasons. Like any criminal case, even a misdemeanor domestic assault charge can land a person in jail and most certainly will result on probation, fines, fees and other penalties. Moreover, convictions for crimes related to domestic violence can affect people in other ways, about which they might not even think at the time.

Man charged with smuggling offenses on Maryland shore

According to a recent report, a man from out-of-state has been accused of traveling over state lines with what authorities described as contraband cigarettes. He was detained by agents of the state Comptroller, who helps enforce Maryland's excise tax laws. Among other items, Maryland places taxes on cigarettes.

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