Montgomery County crime down but sex offenses up

Montgomery County crime down but sex offenses up

| Aug 3, 2018 | Criminal Defense |


Accused individuals who have been caught up in the criminal justice system should be familiar with how the process works. Overall crime is down in Montgomery County by 48 percent, however, some categories of crime, including some violent crimes, have increased. Murders and assaults are up by a small amount, while sexual assaults are up by 53 percent. The local police chief referred to the increase in sex offenses as alarming.

Montgomery County saw a two percent increase in overall crime last year. The city council recently increased funding to focus on gang-related violence. The assistant police chief for Montgomery County also noted that the political climate has created a more open environment for reports of sex offenses.

It is important for accused individuals to understand the criminal justice system and criminal defense resources available to them. All accused individuals have important criminal defense rights they should be familiar with and understand how to use to protect themselves. For individuals who have been accused of a crime, different options may be available through the criminal justice system including developing a criminal defense strategy, plea negotiations and other options depending on the circumstances. Accused individuals face possible jail time, fines and other penalties and consequences.

Criminal charges mean that an accused individual is facing the potential loss of their freedom and other serious potential penalties and consequences. Because of the serious nature of criminal charges, accused individuals must understand the criminal defense protections that stand between them and the harsh penalties and consequences associated with the criminal justice system.