Domestic violence comes in many different forms

Domestic violence comes in many different forms

| Aug 9, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Domestic violence includes a lot more than just physical violence. For individuals facing domestic assault accusations, allegations and possible criminal charges, it is important to be familiar with the different types of domestic abuse and the options available when facing allegations of domestic violence.

Domestic violence does, of course, include physical violence but it can also include many other types of behaviors as well. Domestic violence generally includes behavior that is intended to maintain power or control over another person. Domestic violence can occur between spouses, intimate partners regardless of sexual orientation, family and household members and other circumstances as well.

In addition to physical violence, domestic violence can also include emotional abuse, sexual abuse and economic abuse and can include stalking, harassing and threatening behaviors. The way that domestic violence charges may be charged depends on the laws of the state where the accused offender is facing domestic violence charges. He or she may be charged with a specific crime or may be charged with an assault crime. Criminal defense options are always based on what the accused individual has been charged with and what potential penalties and consequences they are facing as a result.

There are legal resources available to all individuals impacted by domestic violence, regardless of how they are impacted by it. As a result, it is important for families struggling with domestic violence to be familiar with the resources available to all family members including individuals who have been accused of committing domestic assault crimes.