Death of young girl leads to multiple charges

Death of young girl leads to multiple charges

| Aug 23, 2018 | Violent Crimes |

Last month, a young Maryland girl died after she was shot while riding in a car with several other people. While the girl was initially taken to the hospital for treatment, she could not overcome her wounds and passed away about two weeks later.

Now, police have made an arrest in connection with this case. Specifically, police charged a man, who is just under 30 years old, with firing the fatal shot in to the vehicle. He faces first-degree murder charges. The man’s girlfriend has also been charged with crimes related to her allegedly interfering with the investigation and helping the young man avoid prosecution.

Another child who was in the car was thankfully not physically hurt, but the two men who were in the vehicle also face criminal prosecution. While it seems that they both did try to help the victim, they did not tell a straight story to the police about what happened.

Moreover, the police searched the vehicle in the course of their investigation of the shooting, and they discovered an illegal weapon, which was loaded, as well as illegal drugs and some evidence of drug trafficking. The people who were in the car with the girl are not being charged with hurting the girl.

While this case is very sad in that a seven-year-old girl died from a gunshot wound, it is nonetheless important that Marylanders remember that, in each of these cases, the prosecution has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. Each of these people are facing severe consequences, even if they are not accused of violent crimes related to the girl’s death.