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Familiarity with Maryland gun laws in important

It is helpful to be familiar with gun possession laws in Maryland to avoid running afoul of any of the gun possession laws in the state. Being charged with a weapons crime can be serious and can result in serious potential penalties and consequences for the accused individual so it is helpful to be familiar with what the gun laws are in Maryland.

It is important to note that gun possession laws in Maryland are strict and that they carry mandatory minimum sentences. Because of that, gun possession and other weapons charges should never be taken lightly. Weapons crime charges can be especially serious, and the potential penalties and consequences especially severe, in circumstances when the accused individual has a prior felony conviction, is accused of using a firearm in the commission of a felony or is accused of using a firearm in a drug-related crime.

Weapons crimes charges accused individuals may face in Maryland can include gun possession charges; charges of carrying a gun without a valid permit; charges of transporting a gun in a vehicle without a valid permit; carrying a gun on the person of the accused individual; committing a felony with the use of a firearm; gun possession by a convicted felon; use of a firearm in a drug trafficking crime; and the use of a handgun in a crime of violence.

As is true of all criminal charges, allegations and accusations, criminal defense options are available to protect accused individual and may be able to mitigate the impact of the charges and potential penalties and consequences they are facing. Because gun crimes charges in Maryland can be particularly severe, it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with their legal options and rights and how to protect themselves when facing gun charges.

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