Speeding is one sure way to add points to your record

Speeding is one sure way to add points to your record

| Jun 22, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

In the state of Maryland, the Motor Vehicle Administration is in charge of the point system that affects your driving record.

If you are used to speeding as you drive, the law of averages will catch up with you eventually. At the very least, you will be ticketed and the MVA will add points to your record.

Speeding and its consequences

According to statistics compiled by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, speeding is related to one-third of all the roadway fatalities in our country and has been each year for the past two decades. In 2016 alone, speeding was a major factor in 27 percent of traffic deaths. This type of aggressive driving not only endangers other motorists, but also cyclists and pedestrians. A driver who has a heavy foot is at risk for losing control of the vehicle and is not accounting for the increased stopping distance required in an emergency or the increased possibility of serious injuries if a crash occurs.

Points and their consequences

If you accumulate enough points on your driving record through issues like speeding or other forms of reckless driving, the MVA will either suspend or revoke your license, depending on the circumstances. If you are successful in getting those privileges returned, you still have to face future consequences. For example, as a young person, you may have trouble getting into the college you want. If you are older, the points on your record may cause you to lose a job you desire to a more trustworthy applicant.

Why you may suffer consequences

A personal injury attorney knows that among the most common reasons for speeding is that you are running late for work, class or an appointment. However, your aggressive driving behavior may also surface out of frustration with traffic congestion. You may not have not considered how dangerous speeding is with respect to the other motorists around you. An arrest for this kind of reckless driving, especially if it results in injury or death, will no doubt give you time to consider the outcome for yourself, the consequences to others and how the points you accumulate will affect your future.