Maryland man faces 13 criminal charges

Maryland man faces 13 criminal charges

| Mar 8, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

In a nearby Maryland community north of the Silver Springs area, a man is facing drug and weapons charges. According to authorities, they were called to the area based on a report of an individual with a firearm. Authorities found three men sitting on a step, and the man who was later arrested allegedly ran from police and tripped and fell.

The man was arrested and allegedly had heroin and cocaine in his possession. The man is now facing numerous criminal charges, including two counts of possession of drugs other than marijuana; two counts of possession with intent to distribute; distributing drugs with a firearm; using a firearm in a drug crime; possession of drugs with a firearm; using a firearm in a felony crime; illegal possession of a firearm; as well as other charges. In all, the 26-year old man is facing 13 criminal charges.

Drug crimes and other criminal charges can result in serious penalties and consequences. It is important for those accused of committing crimes to be familiar with their legal rights and protections. Authorities are required to follow procedures for the protection of accused individuals when making an arrest. If authorities have violated any of the accused individual’s rights, it may provide grounds to challenge the criminal charges the accused individual is facing.

Individuals who have been charged with a crime and are potentially facing stiff penalties, including incarceration and the loss of their freedom, should be familiar with their legal rights and protections. Accused individuals have a variety of important protections at different phases of the criminal justice process that they should understand and know how to respond to when facing criminal accusations and charges.

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