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Workplace shooting in Maryland leads to murder charges

Many of our readers likely remember seeing news reports about a gruesome incident back on October 18 of last year where a man entered his workplace in Edgewood, Maryland, and shot five people, killing three of them. Now, a recent report indicates that a suspect has been arrested for the crime. According to the recent report, a 38-year-old man is the suspect in the shooting spree. He has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder.

Besides the allegations in Maryland, the suspect is also facing criminal charges in Delaware. The reports indicate that the suspect, after shooting the people at his place of employment, then fled to Delaware, where he shot another person. According to the reports, the suspect will face the charges in Delaware first, and then face the pending charges in Maryland.

Murder charges are obviously the most serious charges that anyone can face in the American criminal justice system. But, because of the severity of the charges, there is even more scrutiny on the defendant's constitutional rights. Any violation of those rights could affect the outcome of the case or, even if a conviction is the result, could be the basis for a valid appeal.

When Maryland residents are facing violent crime charges, they need to do their best to explore all available criminal defense options. In some cases, plea negotiations with the prosecution may be a possibility, but, in others, the best result might only be obtained by pushing the case all the way to a jury trial.

Source: The Washington Post, "Suspect in Maryland, Delaware shootings indicted in triple slaying at workplace," Lynh Bui, Jan. 2, 2018

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